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What Sedation Options You Like Have at Your Oral Surgeon's Office

Posted on 7/23/2017 by Dr McMurray
Oral sedation at South Valley Oral and Facial Surgery.
When you go in to see your oral surgeon, they often have a wide range of sedation options. They need sedation options because of the wide range of procedures they offer. Some oral surgeons only offer specific sedation options in their office, but others if you need to go to the hospital. Others can offer most, if not all of them, from the comfort of their office. Here are some of the most common sedation options that you may be able to have access to when visiting your oral surgeon.

Light Sedation Options

Typically, you have two light sedation options. The first is Nitrous oxide. This is also known as laughing gas. While having oral surgery, most oral surgeons want more than this option, as it only takes the edge off of what is going on for most people. However, that is enough for some patients to make it through just fine, so it is best to ask if you like this option. You may also have the option of taking a pill about an hour before your procedure. Depending on the office, your oral surgeon will provide you with some type medication that is meant to take the anxiety out of your procedure.

For medium sedation, IV sedation is often used. It can be quickly adjusted as necessary, but it doesn't knock you out. It simply leaves you feeling more open to what is going on without worries or fears. If you are having a big procedure, then it is important to consider heavier options. These can range from increased medication during IV sedation or general anesthesia performed with a full anesthesiologist.

No matter what procedure you are having done, your oral surgeon has sedation options that will work. Find out from them which options they have, and decide from there what options will work best for you. If you have any questions, or if you would like to learn more, please call us today at San Jose - (408) 479-9449 Gilroy - (408) 479-8788.
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