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What Happens if Your Jaw Grows Unevenly

Posted on 11/20/2016 by Dr McMurray
A man suffering from an uneven jaw!
An uneven jaw encompasses any problem in which the upper or lower jaw grows in a way that doesn't match up with the rest of your mouth. The upper jaw may grow longer than the lower or the lower may grow longer than the upper.

The width of the jaw may even be off. No matter how your jaw grows unevenly, it can pose a number of problems.

Facial Imbalance

Facial symmetry is often a coveted feature of beauty. An uneven jaw can cause an imbalance in your appearance, which can lead to self-consciousness.

Uneven Bite

When your jaw grows unevenly, your teeth don't line up properly. Any misalignment, even a minor one, can lead to uneven wear on your teeth. Too much wear on any teeth can destroy tooth enamel, exposing dentin, which can lead not only to sensitivity, but can also raise your chances for tooth decay and infections. More pressure on a specific area of teeth can also loosen them, which could ultimately lead to tooth loss.

Poor Jaw Movement

An uneven jaw may also hinder jaw movement. This can affect your ability to eat certain foods, as you can't open your mouth wide, as well as chew properly. A poorly functioning jaw can also affect your ability to speak.

Treatment Required
No matter the severity, an uneven jaw needs to be corrected. Some jaws can be fixed with specialized treatments. More severe cases need reconstructive oral surgery. This surgery requires the jaw to be reset.

Depending upon the surgery, wires or plates and screws are used to hold the jaw in place as it heals. While the surgery is major, the results and benefits are much better for your oral health.

If your jaw is uneven, treatment is needed. Contact our office to discuss your options and see if oral surgery is the right choice for you.

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